Apr 21, 2024  
2023-2024 Catalog 
2023-2024 Catalog

Message from the President and Vice President

Richard V. Homan, MD, President and Provost, Dean of the School of MedicineWelcome to EVMS!

Fifty years ago, leaders in Hampton Roads were concerned about the level of health care available in the region. Their solution was to open a medical school. Over the last half century, EVMS has thrived and grown into a medical and health sciences institution that has succeeded beyond the founder’s wildest dreams.

Today, the EVMS School of Medicine and the EVMS School of Health Professions offer 25+ graduate and doctoral degrees and certificates. In addition to this broad range of training options, EVMS students enjoy the benefits of a smaller school with a community focus. You will find EVMS faculty available and easy to access. You’ll also find a collegial atmosphere that pervades the small, closely knit campus. The same is true for the school’s strong legacy of service. Our students have taken to heart the school’s community-focused mission. Whether it’s creating the first student-led free clinic in Virginia or making masks and face shields during COVID, EVMS students embody the EVMS vision daily.

The EVMS impact is profound. In addition to the school’s focus on education, EVMS physicians and health care professionals provide critical care for the region - much as the school’s founders intended. EVMS’ world-renowned faculty also conduct cutting-edge research focused on Hampton Roads’ most pressing health needs.

More than 1,000 EVMS alumni practice in the region alone. Last year, the school trained nearly 400 medical residents and fellows while some 15,000 health professionals took advantage of our continuing medical education programs. All told, EVMS has an estimated $1.2 billion annual impact on the regional economy.


Thank you for your interest in EVMS!


President and Provost, Dean of the School of Medicine

Alfred Abuhamad, MD


Vice President and Dean, School of Health Professions

C. Donald Combs, PhD, FSSH