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2022-2023 Catalog 
2022-2023 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Location Scholarships

Scholarships based on location typically refer to residency, either state or locality. Sometimes they refer to undergraduate alma maters or perhaps employee status.

Kent Adams Memorial Scholarship


Kent Adams graduated from West Springfield High School in 1971 and received a Bachelor of Science Degree from the College of William & Mary in 1975. For a time, he pursued a medical tech career at the University of Virginia before transferring to George Washington University (GW) in Washington, D.C., to be closer to home. There, Kent worked on cardiovascular projects and in the heart catheterization laboratory at George Washington University Hospital. He received his Master of Science from Georgetown University in Physiology in 1982. While at GW, Kent was mentored by a physician who encouraged him to pursue a career in medicine. Kent took his advice, completed his prerequisites at GW, applied to EVMS and was accepted into the medical program.

On the day of his final exam at GW, he was tragically killed in an auto accident. Kent’s parents established the Kent Adams Memorial Scholarship to perpetuate his memory.


The recipient of this scholarship must be a rising third- or fourth-year student enrolled in the EVMS medical program and a Virginia resident. The student must also have a declared intent in the specialty of cardiology and have demonstrated financial need.

T. Ray Hassell Memorial Scholarship


Judge Richard S. Bray and Molly Hassell established the T. Ray Hassell Memorial Scholarship in 1998. This award honors and memorializes Mr. Hassell’s legacy of dedicated service to the citizens of Chesapeake and the Commonwealth of Virginia for generations to come.


The scholarship is awarded annually for a four-year period to a student from Chesapeake, Virginia, who has demonstrated both financial need and academic excellence.

M. Kirwan King, MD, Memorial Scholarship


The M. Kirwan King, MD, Memorial Scholarship was established by his widow, Mrs. Cherry Martin King, and family to provide scholarships for students pursuing a medical degree at Eastern Virginia Medical School. A native of Haynesville, Virginia, Dr. King retired in 1980 from private practice as a surgeon. He was a former chief of surgery at the U.S. Marine Hospital in Norfolk and a former chief of staff of Norfolk General Hospital and Leigh Memorial Hospital.

Dr. King graduated in 1930 from the Medical College of Virginia and was commissioned in the U.S. Public Health Service. During World War II, he served for two years as chief of surgery at the U.S. Public Health Service. He was a fellow of the American College of Surgeons, a diplomat of the American Board of Surgery and the International Board of Surgery and an honorary member of the Spanish College of Surgeons.

Mrs. King and her family established this fund for a needy student because Dr. King was the recipient of a loan by a generous benefactor that allowed him to attend medical school. At the time of his graduation from medical school, the benefactor told Dr. King that his loan would be forgiven and that at some point in the future he should “pay it forward.”


This scholarship is based on need and is for students enrolled in the MD program who are from a rural area.

Each year, the following tiered approach would be used to identify the candidate:

  • Medical student with ties* to the Northern Neck of Virginia (which includes Westmoreland, Richmond, Northumberland and Lancaster counties of Virginia), or
  • Medical student with ties* to the Eastern Shore, or
  • Medical student with ties* to an alternate rural area of Virginia
  • Isserman rural definition: A rural county is one in which the county’s population density is less than 500 people per square mile, and 90 percent of the county population is in a rural area or the county has no urban area with a population of 10,000 or more.

*Ties: Defined as a student who was a resident or graduated high school in the area.

C. E. Thurston Scholarship


Mr. C. E. Thurston, Jr., of Norfolk, Virginia, established this scholarship fund in 1981. The first award was made in 1986.


The scholarship is awarded annually to a graduate of Virginia Military Institute (VMI) who is a medical student at EVMS and demonstrates academic merit as well as a mature interest in, and dedication to, the American Enterprise System.

Should the pool of students not meet the criteria outlined above, the scholarship may be awarded to another student for a one-year time period.

Dr. Jock R. Wheeler Endowed Scholarship


This scholarship was established in 2002 in honor of Dr. Jock R. Wheeler.


The scholarship is awarded annually to a student who is a Virginia resident and demonstrates academic excellence as this is a merit based scholarship.

Dr. John W. Baker Jr. Memorial Scholarship


The Dr. John W. Baker Jr. Memorial Scholarship was established in memory of Dr. John Baker, who passed away in his late 50s. Dr. Baker was a general and thoracic surgeon with Norfolk Surgical Group, as well as a professor at EVMS.


The scholarship is awarded annually to a student from Hampton Roads, Virginia.

The Challen Endowment Schoarship


The Challen Endowment Scholarship was established in 1991 by the Challen Family Revocable Trust, with the wishes of Bruce W. and Theresa O. Challen.


The recipient of the Challen Endowment Scholarship must be a native of Virginia (to have been born in the state and lived therein for the majority of his or her life) intending to remain in the state during his or her professional service who has demonstrated financial need and is enrolled in the medical program at EVMS.

Rebecca Johnson Fund

1st year MD student, Virginia resident, and demonstrates merit as evidenced by documentation filed with the EVMS Office of Financial Aid and any other such documentation or information as the EVMS Scholarship Selection Committee may require.

Tzavaras Family Scholarship Fund

First year MD student from Hampton Roads with an engineering or non-traditional undergraduate degree program. Should no student be from the Hampton Roads area, then a Virginia student may be selected. If there is no qualifying VA student, then the student may be from another state or location.

The Krueger Foundation Scholarship

First year MD Student raised in Virginia Beach. Must provide a short narrative, no more than 250 words describing past community service and/or volunteer experiences and how they plan to use those experiences and their future medical degree to help others. If a Virginia Beach student is not identified, M1 candidate may be from Hampton Roads region. 3 qualified candidates must be presented to the Krueger Memorial Scholarship committee for selection, Krueger Foundation to make final selection. Donor makes final selection.

The Rural Family Medicine Scholarship

M1 student who is a resident of Virginia, has interest in practicing family and community medicine in a rural community by Isserman standards, who demonstrates financial need. Should no applicants meet the restrictions, M2-3 students may be considered. If no medical students, it may be given to an MPA student.